Mensa Indonesia

Executive Committee 2020-2022


Karly Mulyadi

Mensa Indonesia is my second family. At Mensa, I find many new friends around the world, expand my networking globally, and learn & grow together with other Mensans.

Many new things I experience here; but what makes me very happy and satisfied is having the opportunity to be able to fulfill my need for self-actualization by actively contributing to Mensa Indonesia organization as a volunteer, a M-Chat speaker, a mentor, and an executive committee member.

Vice Chairman

Satriadi Gunawan

Joining Mensa is not about how smart you are nor about how brilliant you are. Joining Mensa is about how you can grow yourself with the best environment that fully support who you really are.

Lia Balantina
Secretary and MIND Editor

Mensa Indonesia is an arm of my spiritual balance. It keeps me steady and completes my perspective of life.

Riko Boestari
Lead Treasurer


Sherry Aprilia Aurora
Organizational Development

A place where you can learn a lot of new things and make new friends.

Let’s Join and experience yourself.

Faris Ervandi alam
Program and Events

Mensa Indonesia is my source of inspiration, information, and happiness.

Evonne Jap
International Relations


Josua Erwin
International Relations

Mensa Indonesia is my family.

We support each other

to become a better person.

A. J. Gunawan
Bandung Coordinator


What are you waiting for?

Come and join us

Freddy Sutanto
Technology and Membership

Mensa Indonesia is my another home.

We learn and have some fun!

Join and Enjoy!

Stanley Lay Cahyadi
Surabaya Coordinator