MChat X Brown Bag

So, that’s it! The first M-chat x Brown Bag collaboration had gone very successfully with our two speakers managed to impress all the most excited audience.
This also marks the beginning of a, hopefully, frequent and strong collaboration between Mensa Indonesia and Mensa Philippines.

As we slowly adapt to our new normal, hopefully, it will inspire other Mensa chapters all around the world to meet online and hold a collaboration event that will bring mensans all over even closer in this physical distancing era.

We had Chris Tan from Mensa Philippines talking about Fake News is As Real As It Gets, Chris Tan is a life coach, a businessman, an actor, and also a motivational speaker.
From Mensa Indonesia, Alex Mulya, a researcher, a strategi consultant, and a moviemaker, talking about Good and Bad Businesses at Corona Time. And as a moderator, we had Zoe Arugay-Magat from Mensa Philippines.

We thank Alex Mulya and Chris Tan for the wonderful sessions and look forward to the next exciting talk show!