Mensa Cadabra by Tha

A MOST MAGICAL M CHAT X BROWN BAG Step right up ladies and gentlemen, and children of all ages, for our special M Chat x Brown Bag this August 1, 2020! We get to learn about the skills, motivations, and methods of three magicians from Mensa Philippines and Mensa Indonesia as they perform for us, dazzle us and even teach us their magical tricks. Make the experience interactive by having a deck of cards with you and be ready if ever our Mensa magicians call for volunteers! This event is free and exclusive to Mensa members.

TITLE: The Art of Manipulating Minds
DESCRIPTION: Mentalism tricks use subliminal messages which you can use to learn the art of manipulating other people’s minds.
BIO: Mentalists use subliminal messages and other techniques to enable them to read or manipulate other people’s minds. To Henda Setiana, the practice of a mentalist is both a science and an art.

A member of Mensa Indonesia, Hendra is a self-taught mentalist and magician who discovered his natural talent for performing mind-boggling tricks in high school.

Hendra has honed and improved on his mental manipulation skills ever since, and he now has accumulated over10 years of experience.

Also an accomplished hypnotist and an expert chess player, Hendra has recently started an online business.

TITLE: Sleight of Mind: The Psychology Behind Mentalism
DESCRIPTION: Learn the principles behind mind reading and mind control, and how you can do it too!
BIO: Mensa Philippines’ Niño Armecin will take us through the principles behind mind reading and mind control, and will give us tips on how we can do it too!

Niño has been doing magic since before the internet. As a young boy, he remembers standing for hours inside the bookstore while reading magic books that he can’t afford to buy.

He is a member of the Queen City Magic Society, the premier magic group in Cebu City.

Niño performs magic professionally and for charity.

Description: Illusions will capture your attention and it will encourage you with a meaningful message.
Bio: A member of Mensa Philippines, Brian Gu believes that illusion is not only effective in capturing people’s attention, but also in inspiring and conveying meaningful messages.

Brian’s desire for mastering illusions started as a simple hobby when he was in high school.

Brian further nurtured this passion for the craft when he became a math teacher. Unsurprisingly he turned out to be hugely popular with his students for combining his lessons with seemingly impossible mind-blowing tricks to ignite their love for learning and make them want more.

Brian often also takes his illusion performances to the stage in front of audiences during school activities, social gatherings, and other occasions.